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  1. Should I Tell? | National MS Society Overview. People in the workforce may consider disclosing information about their medical condition or impairment for a variety of reasons — some that are more emotional and others that are more practical. They may feel uncomfortable in one way or another about keeping their medical condition a secret, or want their boss and colleagues to ...
  2. To Tell or Not to Tell? New Study Offers Insights into Tough Decisions ... December 22, 2022. In a new study involving 428 people with MS, about half do not disclose their MS diagnosis to other people and 40% believed that telling others may have negative consequences. More than two-thirds had not discussed the issue of disclosure with any of their healthcare providers.
  3. Impacts Of MS On Employment - National Multiple Sclerosis Society What About Disclosure? How Can I Succeed on The Job with Accommodations? How Do I Negotiate Reasonable Accommodations? Dealing With Employment Discrimination Don’t Do It Alone – Resources You Can Turn To Self-Advocacy Worksheet Prepare – Determine Your Method & Timing Analyzing How MS Impacts Your Work - Worksheet Disclosure Decision Worksheet
  4. INFORMATION FOR EMPLOYEES LIVING WITH MS - National Multiple Sclerosis ... disclose a specific medical diagnosis in order to obtain ADA protections — initially. However, an employee must disclose a disability in order to ask for accommodations to help maintain productivity in spite of a medical condition. The employer may then require additional documentation and/or a medical diagnosis.
  5. How Much Should I Tell? | National MS Society You are not required to say that you have MS. However, if the information you provide is not sufficient to determine that you have a qualified disability under the ADA, your employer has the right to ask for more detailed information — which may lead to disclosure of your diagnosis.
  6. Working with MS - National Multiple Sclerosis Society INFORMATION FOR EMPLOYEES LIVING WITH MS Should I work? MS does not mean the end of being and feeling productive. You should work...if you want to. The real question involves how, where and at what level you will work.
  7. Newly Diagnosed | National MS Society Discusses whom, when, and how to tell in both personal and work situations; includes personal vignettes.
  8. Whom Should I Tell? | National MS Society Human Resources Many people consider the Human Resources (HR) manager at their workplace to be the first point of contact for all employment-related issues. However, deciding when to disclose to your HR manager may depend on several factors. Possible reasons to disclose to your HR manager now
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