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Help Bring MS Medications Into Reach


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Join our campaign

Tell the world what high drug prices mean to you: what have you given up to afford your MS disease-modifying therapy (DMT)? How have your costs changed over time? Learn more about how you can take action below.

Create a video or share a photo

We’d love for you to share a brief video (15-30 seconds) talking about what high MS medication prices mean to you. You can do this by answering one of the following questions: 
  • What are you giving up in order to pay for your MS medication(s)? 
  • What is the list price of your current MS medication(s) and how does that affect you? 
A short video is an impactful way to communicate this information to legislators and others who can help bring about meaningful change. View an example video from Dan and Jennifer Digmann or an example video from Belinda Mattos. 

If you are unable or uncomfortable recording a video, consider sharing a photo of yourself, perhaps holding up the medicine you take and indicating the cost. 

Tips for shooting video on your phone:
  • Have someone else film you rather than filming yourself selfie-style 
  • If you don’t have someone to film you, prop up your phone so that you get a steady picture 
  • A Bluetooth headset (like AirPods) will provide the best audio 
  • You can also try a regular headset with one earbud in 
  • Whether you’re outside or inside, make sure there isn’t a lot of background noise 
  • Film in landscape mode (hold the phone sideways, not vertical) 
Click here for more guidance on how to properly film and upload your video.

Share Your Story on Social Media

Post your video or photo on social media using the hashtags #MSActivist and #PushForLowerRXPrices. If you’re new to Twitter, here is an introduction to the platform and how to navigate it. 

Write a Letter to the Editor

Bring attention to the high price of prescription drugs by writing a letter to the editor of your local paper. Did you know that staff members of Congressional offices read the newspapers in their districts to see trending topics and look for mentions of the name of their member of Congress? Most papers require letters to be between 150-250 words. Check with your local paper for specific guidelines and submission instructions. Personalize one of these sample letters with your story, and use these talking points and this chart to help you with the price of DMT information.

What else can I do right now?

  • Join the MS Activist Network to prepare for future outreach to elected officials.
  • Share the 4 videos featuring MS activists boldly sharing their experience accessing MS medications with your social networks - and share your own story.


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