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Research in RRMS


More clinical trials have been done in relapsing-remitting MS than in any other disease course for a number of reasons, including:
  • It is easier to identify treatment targets in RRMS because scientists have a much better understanding of immune system pathology in RRMS than in progressive forms of MS.
  • A major characteristic of RRMS is inflammation in the CNS. Understanding this process led to the development of the current FDA-approved treatments and continues to drive the development of additional treatments.
  • The targeted outcomes in RRMS, such as reducing the number of clinical relapses and MRI lesions, are measurable over time – which is critical for establishing the effectiveness of a new treatment.

Currently, there are numerous ongoing trials in RRMS. Some evaluate the safety and efficacy of new medications or combinations of medications to modify the disease course or alter immune system function. Others evaluate symptom management medications and dietary supplements.

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