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Evusheld™ to Prevent COVID-19 in People with MS


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Updated: June 30, 2022

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What is Evusheld™?

Evusheld is a medication that can prevent COVID-19. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized Evusheld for some individuals 12 years and older in December 2021. It is strictly for those who are not expected to have adequate immune responses to the vaccine or who have a severe allergy to the vaccine. If you currently take certain disease modifying therapies (DMTs), you may qualify for Evusheld.

The data behind Evusheld

Results from a clinical trial showed that adults who received Evusheld had a significant reduction in their risk of getting COVID-19. More studies need to be done to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of Evusheld. Consult your MS healthcare provider to see if Evusheld might be right for you.

Evusheld and COVID-19

Evusheld can be used for those who are not infected with COVID-19 and have not been recently exposed to someone infected with the virus. The FDA authorized Evusheld for some individuals 12 years and older at the end of 2021. 

Who qualifies for Evusheld?

This prevention medication is strictly for those 12 and older who have a severe allergy to the vaccine or are not expected to have adequate immune responses to the vaccine. Some DMTs used to treat MS do alter your immune system. If you are currently on one of these, you may qualify for Evusheld. 

Evusheld is not a COVID-19 vaccine or a substitute for vaccination

As COVID-19 variants continue to emerge, it is not yet known how effective Evusheld will be against each variant. Vaccines have proven to be the best defense available against the COVID-19 complications of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, including all its variants. Evusheld is not a substitute for vaccination in individuals for whom vaccination is recommended. 

Wait to receive Evusheld until at least two weeks after your COVID-19 vaccination. See our vaccine guidance pages for more on COVID-19 vaccines and MS, and read about the difference between a vaccine and medications like Evusheld.

Should I take Evusheld if I'm vaccinated?

If you meet the qualifications, Evusheld may be a good choice for you even if you are vaccinated. Talk to your healthcare provider to determine whether, based on your individual circumstances, you are eligible to receive Evusheld and when it should be administered. You should wait at least two weeks after your vaccination to take Evusheld.

Evusheld for COVID-19 exposure 

Evusheld is not authorized for use after people have been exposed to COVID-19 or for an existing COVID-19 infection. It is strictly for use in preventing an infection in those 12 and older who may have a reduced or absent immune response to COVID-19 or who have a severe allergy to the vaccine.

Evusheld for people living with MS

Studies of the COVID-19 vaccine responses in people living with MS have shown a reduced or absent antibody response among those who use certain disease modifying therapies (DMTs). 

People with MS who take the following DMTs may have a reduced or absent immune response to the COVID-19 vaccines and qualify to use Evusheld:

  • Sphingosine 1-phosphate receptor modulators (Gilenya, Mayzent, Zeposia, Ponvory) 
  • Alemtuzumab (Lemtrada) treatment within the past 24 months 
  • Anti-CD20 monoclonal antibodies (Ocrevus, Kesimpta, Rituxan and biosimilars) 

Evusheld is not for everyone. Like other medical decisions, the choice to take Evusheld is best made in partnership with your healthcare provider.

Learn more about Evusheld from the FDA and find Evusheld treatment near you.

The data on Evusheld and MS

Researchers studied the antibody response following administration of Evusheld in a small number of adults with MS who use the B cell depleting therapies Ocrevus and Kesimpta. The results, published in Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders in 2022, showed that all participants developed a high number of antibodies following administration of Evusheld. This means that Evusheld may provide a different benefit for protection against COVID-19 for those on DMTs that reduce the antibody response to COVID-19 vaccines.

Evusheld is safe to use with MS medications

Evusheld can be used alongside disease modifying therapies although you may need to coordinate timing with your MS healthcare provider. If you believe that you qualify for Evusheld, talk to your provider about the possibility of taking it to prevent COVID-19. 

How often do you need take Evusheld? 

Evusheld should be given every 6 months. Talk to your healthcare provider to determine when to get your next dose.

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